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6 Best free Single page website templates in 2020

Free One Page website templates

Whether you are looking for Single page template for yourself or for your client, you always look for various options and select the most suitable for the website type. In this article, you will find free one page website templates suitable for the type of website you want to create.

Creating Single page website can be done quickly. Especially, when you have ready template with you.  With proper planning in website creation process, you can reduce more time and get ready with your site even faster. Though there are some important factors needs to be considered while choosing the right template.

When you choose template for you website, some important things to consider:

  • Template should be suitable for the sector/industry of your website
  • Color scheme should be somewhere close to your brand. In order to reduce your designing work.
  • Fonts family, size and color play important to enhance the look and readability of the content.
  • Other elements like button shapes, box shapes should be taken into consideration.

Go through the below listed free one page templates and select templates considering the above mentioned points.

List of one page free website templates:

Smart Lite

Smart single page website template

“Smart Lite” is a free multi-purpose template created by GrayGrids with three demos. Vectors are used creatively to design the templates. Apart from free version, Premium version is also available only for $12. Template is compatible with Bootstrap 4.3.X and based on HTML5 and Ayro UI.

Template features:

  • 3 different homepage designs to choose the most suitable for your website
  • Slick slider to make beautiful carousel
  • Fully responsive layouts
  • Compatible with Bootstrap 4.3.X
  • Cool CSS3 animations for smooth transitions
  • Validated HTML5 & CSS3 Code
  • Multi browser Compatibility

Built With:

  • Bootstrap 4.3.x, HTML/CSS, jQuery, Ayro UI
  • Google Fonts, Line Icons

Price: Free, Premium version for $12

Demo Details & Download



Aria free one page template

Aria is a free business website template by Landing Repo. Template has covered all the sections which you would like to have on your website. This makes your work easy as you just need to keep only required sections for your website. Template is offered with the MIT license. You can use the templates for any type of project, no attribution required.

Template features:

  • Hero image with morph text for visitors attention
  • Text slider with thumbnails for customer testimonials
  • Projects gallery with lightbox for detailed information
  • Call request form for lead generation
  • Contact form for visitors
  • Compatible with Bootstrap 4 using HTML5 and CSS3
  • Google Fonts and Font Awesome integration
  • Responsive template for all types of devices
  • Multi browser Compatibility

Built With:

  • Bootstrap 4, HTML/CSS, jQuery, PHP
  • Google Fonts, Font Awesome

Price: Free

Demo Details & Download

Single page website for your inspiration



One page bootstrap template for free download

Start is a free One Page website template by UI Deck. Template is fresh and modern with all essential ready-to-use sections to set up a website. This light weight template includes SCSS files and block based structure to customize easily as per the requirement.

Template features:

  • Attractive hero image with curved bottom
  • Free One page HTML5 template
  • Based on latest Bootstrap 4
  • Crafted using AyroUI
  • Raedy to use essential UI elements
  • Contact Form for lead generation
  • Premium Version available with more features

Built With:

  • Bootstrap 4, HTML/CSS, jQuery, PHP
  • Google Fonts


  • Lite Version: Free
  • Premium Version: $9

Demo Details & Download



One page website template for Agency, start up websites

Oneder is a free One page website template by Colorlib. Template is suitable for websites like Agency, Business, Start ups, freelancers and Portfolio. It has fullscreen carousel with text appears smoothly from bottom to top. Navigation menu on the top is placed on the carousel itself, on scroll it gets fixed at the top for easy navigation. On scroll lazy loading of every section gives a cool experience to the users.

Template has provided various sections to quickly create a site. It has all the necessary sections like – About us,Team, Portfolio, Services, Testimonials, Pricing table, FAQs, blog posts grid, Contact us form.

Template features:

  • Wonderful free single page template
  • Based on Bootstrap 4.3
  • Full screen image slider
  • Fixed menu bar at the top
  • On scroll lazy loading content
  • All the necessary to create a website
  • Filterable portfolio section with masonry grid
  • Masonry image gallery with lightbox
  • Contact form

Built With:

  • Bootstrap 4.3, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, PHP
  • Google Fonts


  • Free (footer credits must remain in place)
  • Premium Version: $21 (You can remove footer credits)

Demo Details & Download



Free One page template for Wedding ceremony announcement

Hookup is a free marriage website template. A beautiful elegant template for the announcement of your wedding. Template has a fullscreen hero image with countdown counter for the wedding. Followed by the invite with wedding date, time and venue. This lovely template has sections like introductory paragraph of bride and groom with their photographs followed by the timeline since they met first time.

Template also provides sections like family members, Date and time of different events of the ceremony and attendance form. Pastel color scheme with beautiful use of images make this template perfect for wedding.

Template features:

  • Elegant One page Wedding template
  • On scroll slow loading content
  • Beautiful pastel color scheme
  • Scrolling messages and family members section
  • Form to confirm the attendance for the wedding
  • Photo galley with lightbox

Built With:

  • Bootstrap 4.3, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, PHP
  • Google Fonts


  • Free (footer credits must remain in place)
  • Premium Version: $21 (You can remove footer credits)

Demo Details & Download



This is a free One page responsive website template

Furnish is a free One page website suitable for furniture, interior and home decor online store. But with some modification you can use this template for any other type of website. Template has beautiful carousel with dot navigation followed by latest sale and offers banner ads. Tabs for different types of interior and home decor elements showcase products in thumbnail format with arrow navigation. Template also provides sections like Expert Team, Showcase products, Testimonial slider, Blog posts block section, Contact form, four block footer.

Template features:

  • Suitable mainly for interior, home decor products website
  • Based on Bootstrap 4 and HTML5
  • Image slider with dot navigation and animated text content
  • Products are displayed in tabular format with arrow navigation
  • Fully responsive
  • SCSS file included
  • SEO fiendly and light weight to load faster
  • Easy to customize

Built With:

  • Bootstrap 4, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP
  • Google Fonts


  • Lite Version: Free
  • Premium Version: $9

Demo Details & Download

8 advantages of Single page websites

Advantages of One page website

Single page website, as the name suggests, is a single page website which displays entire content on home page, separated in different sections one below another. One page websites are famous among personal, start up, wedding, portfolio websites where content is very limited. Also they want to develop it quickly and in a small budget.

Does this mean Single page websites are dull or boring? Answer is NO. Designers use parallax scrolling, animations, smooth scrolling, and many cool effects to make websites attractive. And this is easier because entire focus is only on designing a single page. So let’s have a look at its advantages.

What are the advantages of One page websites

    1. Quick development
    2. Easy maintenance
    3. Cost effective
    4. Created with more innovation
    5. Lead generation optimized
    6. Bounce rate reduction

Here are Single page website development advantages in detail.

1.Quick Development

One page website takes less time to develop as only Single page is to design and develop. In website development process, you go step by step. So based on what you want to showcase on your website, you first create sitemap and then wireframe to place sections as per their importance. Based on the final wireframe you design a website and then in the process of development you decide which UX effects will give a best user experience. This involves fixed top navigation bar, parallax scrolling, cool carousel effects, smooth page scroll effect, portfolio gallery with cool lightbox.

From the content point of view there is limited content to be displayed on the website. Overall, One page website saves time in designing, development, content creation and updating which leads to quick development of a website. In very less time, you can be ready to go live with your new website.

2. Cost Effective Development

One page website cost gets reduced because of its quick development and less development resources. Resources like Web Designer, Web Developer, Tester work only  on single page. Also, development does not require coding and scripting other than home page as website does not have any other pages. This leads to reduction in the cost of the web designer and web developer. These factors make One page website very cost effective.

3. Reduces Hosting Cost

One page website takes very less space on hosting server. It has only one page to host with the associated CSS and scripts files. Also due to less content it does not have many images and videos to host on server. These all the files occupies very less space your server. So you can go for the basic hosting plan with minimum cost and reduce your hosting cost.

Single page website templates

4. Easy Maintenance

After completion of website design and development process and making site live, what’s next? of course, website maintenance. Good thing is that unlike multi-page website now you need to update / edit only one page. A change can be in the hero image, any change in about us section, adding or editing your services, adding new project in your portfolio or making any change in your contact information, everything .

The frequency of the maintenance is also very low compare to multi-page website so maintaining One page website is very easy and very less time consuming.

5. More Innovative and Creative

One page website can be created with more creatively and innovation. While designing, web designer does not need to think of any other page than homepage. Complete focus on homepage design helps to work on small details of website and bring out creativity more effectively. Also, developer can use parallax scrolling effect to improve the user experience. Users can enjoy the smooth scrolling through the sections and thus your website can make a good impression on the users.

6. Lead Generation Optimized

You can use your website to generate leads but more effectively than the lead generation landing page. With the help of crisp and well optimized content, you can generate more leads through your website than the landing page. In One page website, visitors get the entire information about your company, your products, services and projects which makes a larger impact on them and makes impression about your company.

So, when you create content for your website, create in such a way that it will be crisp and give better idea about your products and services. After all, these are the decision making things for a visitor to decide whether to opt for service or not.

7. Bounce Rate Reduction

One of the important reasons of increasing bounce rate is having unnecessary indexed pages in search engine. For example, in multi-page website tags, categories etc gets indexed. So, when visitor clicks on these types of pages instead of that page, he gets list of pages, articles.

In the case of One page website, visitors land on the homepage itself where all the information is available for which they are looking for. Most of the visitor spend time on the homepage and go through the information they are looking for. This helps to reduce the bounce rate of the website.

8. Easy Knowledge Transfer

One page website is very easy for knowledge transfer from one designer to another. Sometimes designer or the one who maintains the website does not work for site anymore. In that case, process of knowledge transfer of your website files and their update becomes an easy procedure.